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ITC Engage launches ‘Engage L’amante’ inspired by romance in Paris

Kolkata .ITC’s leading fragrance brand, Engage, announces the launch of its first range of premium perfumes Engage L’amante, made exquisitely in France. Priced at INR 999 for 75 ml, Engage L’amante is available across retail stores including online at Amazon and Nykaa. Engage L’amante for Him is a fresh and energizing fragrance with juicy citrus and fresh mints enveloping woody and marine notes. Vanilla and Tonka beans bring sensibility and elegance to this masculine fragrance. Engage L’amante for Her is a classic fragrance with sparkling citrus fruit highlights with jasmine and tender rose notes. The addictive caramel and amber notes infused with sandalwood leave a lingering and sensual fragrance.
Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business Division, says, “Engage, one of India’s top two fragrance brands forays into premium fragrances with Engage L’amante. Exclusively made in France, Engage L’amante makes fine French fragrances crafted with a blend of exotic ingredients accessible to a wider set of consumers with its premium yet competitive pricing”.

When in Love, every moment is a memory. Paris is celebrated as the iconic city of love and has been immortalized in popular culture across generations in cinema nationally and internationally. Be it the language, the alleys, the parks, the monuments or the flavours, Paris provides for a picturesque landscape for romance to blossom. It encourages love like no other. This sensual and enigmatic feeling of love has inspired Engage L’amante. The melange of the French scents are a celebration of this uninhibited, unbridled spirit of love that Paris is a symbol of.