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Bengali’s Emotion–Football

Football without Bengali’s are incomplete. This is the time of the month when all the international football matches are held. This pandemic has locked up everyone in their houses with lots of stress and depression in  everyone- stress of jobs, career and whether they will survive the covid or not. Among these negative situations, the Merlin Group has inaugurated a quiz competition on football with 32 families who are to participate in the knock-out format. The quiz was named as “Merlin Football Mania 2021 Quiz” in association with Sampark. The inauguration was taken place through zoom meeting in the Facebook live. This quiz will at least give a few moments of the fun to the family who will be participating in it.

Sri Gautam Bhattacharya, Renowned Sports Journalist & Author as our chief guest, and as guest of honour we had Shri Mehtab Hussain, renowned Footballer and Shri Abhijit Mondal, renowned ex-footballer and coach were present during the meeting.

The event was inaugurated on 12th June Saturday at 5pm. The team was Mr. Shubendu Mukherjee vs Snigdha. Overall, this was an amazing initiative taken by the Merlin Group. A huge thanks to the Merlin group.